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Moving Forward


Indust3.FM is a platform that encompasses Online Broadcasting, Blogs, and Social Media Engagement. Our platform curates and distributes meaningful content in the areas of the supply chain, logistics, technology, and related knowledge to become the platform for all those eager to know more about industries that power global economies.

Through the platform, we aim to connect expertise and skills from talents across the divide that can offer a wide range of resources for all levels in the industry.

We have our own format and concept to cater for variety of listener.


To build an online community of 1 MILLION listeners before 2024 by providing a platform with unique content and collaborations.


To be a leading platform that will be a trusted and indispensable source of information, music, and entertainment which fosters the culture of knowledge-seeking.

Indust3.FM also provides dedicate business program that cover local and international businesses.

Our Team

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” – Henry Ford

Meet the squad behind the work of Indust3.Fm

RJ Nith-K

RJ Nith has vast experience in travel, management and logistics. With his charming voice and casual style, he able to create a wonderful interview session. Despite being a radio deejay, Nith enjoys nature and constantly looks for new challenges and projects..

RJ A-Ron

His unique styles and techniques are not easy to master, especially considering the fact that he is a self-taught RJ. Excellent communication skills and vibrant personality make A-Ron an interesting and captivating RJ.

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